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  In-ear Tactical Headset with Boom Mic, Hearing Protection (32dB-39dB Certified NRS) + Talk-through for Military & SWAT Applications

Available as standard behind-the-head headset compatible with ballistic helmets, or helmet mounted with Slyter Mount system, Ops-Core Arc system or Ceradyne's MOHAWK helmet

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Our Price: $952.00

Product Code: 62000_SERIES

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Direct Helmet Mount - (Slyter Mount)
Federal Law Enforcement Canada ERT Headset Setup (AP107, PTT + Wireless PTT) [Add $240.00]
Ops-Core ARC Rail Mount - For NON cut-out helmets
Ops-Core ARC Rail Mount - For side CUT-OUT helmets
Standard Behind-the-head headset
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Single Radio Round PTT for Harris Unity XG-100 Series [Add $294.00]
Custom Setup - Call for Price
Federal Law Enforcement Canada ERT 50cm Radio Interface Cable (RIC) for Motorola XTS
USAF RQS Variant (Dual PRC radio interfaces + 1 ICS interface. Includes MP3 + Gas Mask Interfaces. [Add $684.00]
No PTT - Flying leads [Subtract -$19.00]
Single Radio Round PTT for EADS TETRAPOL MC9620 [Add $294.00]
Single Radio Round PTT for EADS THR9 [Add $294.00]
Single Radio Round PTT for Harris / M/A-COM JAGUAR P5300, P5400, P5500, P7300, XG-75, XG-100 Series [Add $294.00]
Single Radio Round PTT for Harris / MA Com M/A-COM Jaguar 700P, P5100, P5130 Series [Add $294.00]
Single Radio Round PTT for Icom Multipin Radios (ie F30GT, F40GT, F50, F51, F60, F61, F30GS series) [Add $294.00]
Single Radio Round PTT for Kenwood Multipin Radios (ie TK480 series) [Add $294.00]
Single Radio Round PTT for Motorola XTS/HT Series [Add $294.00]
Single Radio Round PTT for NOKIA THR880i [Add $294.00]
Single Radio Round PTT for SepuraSRP2000, SRP3000, SRH3500, SRH3800 (molded bottom connector) [Add $294.00]
Single Radio Round PTT for Tait TP8110, TP8115, TP8120, TP8135 TP8140 TP7110 Series [Add $294.00]
Single Radio Round PTT for Vertex VX-600,VX-800,VX-900 Series [Add $294.00]
Single Radio Round PTT for Vertex VX-820, VX-821,VX-824,VX-829,VX-920, VX-921, VX-924 Series [Add $294.00]
Single Radio Round PTT for Vertex VX530, VX537 Series, (K186) [Add $294.00]
Dual Radio PTT for one (1) PRC-117/PRC-148/PRC-152/PRC-154 (Rifleman) Radio + one (1) Motorola XTS [Add $466.00]
Dual Radio PTT for twin PRC-117/PRC-148/PRC-152/PRC-154 (Rifleman) Radios [Add $466.00]
Tri-Radio PTT for twin PRC-117/PRC-148/PRC-152/PRC-154 (Rifleman) Radio + one (1) ICS 4-pole NATO [Add $466.00]
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One (1) 2.4GHz wireless PTT for single radio application. Dual Radio Available - Call. [Add $79.00]
Gas Mask Interface
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Need a Gas Mask Interface (U-173/U):
Gas Mask Interface. Plugs into voice port on gas mask via U-173/U two-pin connector [Add $139.00]


-Rated 3.9 out of 4 by US Army (August 2013) - download report

Main review
PDF page 249 (document page 9-39 to 9-42)

Additional Mentions
PDF page 42 (document page ES-23), page PDF page 110 (document page 3-6)

- Rated 4.8 out of 5 by tactical operators - download report

- FEMA Preparedness Grants and Authorized Equipment List - see

In-ear Tactical Headset with Boom Mic, Hearing Protection (32dB-39dB Certified NRS) + Talk-through for Military & SWAT Applications. Terminated with a quick disconnect connector, requires a single radio or multi-radio PTT to work. Submersible 3meters 4hours. Made in North-America (certificate available below)

Provides superior comfort (no hot spots), superior situational awareness/sound localization due to hearing aid-style algorithms which closely reproduce the way human ears work. Provides industry best audio quality and radio intelligibility due to its premium KnowlesTM acoustical components. Built like a tank, and is able to withstand being run-over by a Hummer truck.

Thousands Fielded to Marines, US Army Special Forces, Canadian Special Forces, US Air Force and SWAT teams worldwide.

Certfied by the United States Air Force (USAF) for helicopter and rotary aircraft Intercom Communication System (ICS) use - call us for field evaluation report.

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Download 62000 Series Specifications & Brochure

Download Comparing Headset Technologies White Paper

SWAT Hearing Loss White Paper

Product Reviews


USAF Written Report Threat4 vs Peltor

Download User Testimonials for 62000 Series

Download Full National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) 62000 Headset Review

Product Usage & Instructions

Download - 62000 Series User Instructions

Download - Wearing 62000 Series with Helmets

Product Certifications & Testing Data

Download Made in Canada 62000 Certificate of Origin

Download Noise Reduction Report (NRS) for 62000 Series

Download MIL-STD-810F_IEC 61000-4-2_ANSI-IEC_60529-2004 Testing Data for 62000 Series

Dowload MIL-STD-461E Testing Data for 62000 Series


Impulse & Continuous Noise Protection (Passive + Active). Headset is also field convertible to non-hearing protection radio headset to be used when hearing protection is not required.
Quad-MicTM Active Listening System (Talk-thru/Hear-thru).
Wind Porting Design + Conventional Wind Socks for Low Wind Noise Active Listening.
Bionic Hearing (+0dB, +2dB, +6dB, +9sB, +12dB)
3 Modes: Natural Ears (w/Bionic), Active Listening Muted, and Adaptive Noise Reduction
Hi Fidelity Failsafe Quad-SpeakerTM System
Noise Cancelling Boom Mic (Left or Right Mount Versions. Dynamic or Electret Mics Available)
Submersible IP68 – Dust-tight + 4 hours @ 3 meters submersion
(5% salt water)
Tactile Feedback/Glove Friendly Single Button controls Mode & Bionic Hearing
No Programming, No Software & No Training
Adjustable Backband (With Size Lock-in Screw)
Adjustable Headband (Various Headband Options Available)
Mutiple ear tip options, including open ear inserts to allow the headset to be used as a non-hearing protection headset
No Hotspots – Fully Padded where in Contact with Head
Compatible with Ballistic Helmets, Ballistic Necks, Balaclava and Gas Masks*
Lightweight Ruggedized Aluminum Housing
Fully Shielded Electronics in True Faraday Cage
Fully Shielded Cabling (Left or Right Mount Down-Lead Versions)
Compatible with Most PTTs, including 63000 Series
Compatible with up to three (3) radios/intercoms (ICS) see part # 63000 Series
Compatible with Gas Masks
Auto Switching from Single Radio Stereo to Binaural for Multi-Radio Monitoring (with part # 63000 PTT)
All Electronics Mounted in Headset C4 System Compatible and No Control Box
Low Power Draw (3mAh average)– No Batteries Required (Draws Radio Power Parasitically)
Completely Removable Earpiece Assembly (Tube & Eartip) for Easy Replacement and Hygienic Headset Sharing
Submersible (mated or un-mated) Quick Disconnect from PTT (Standard on Military Version, available on Commercial Version)
True 100% Digital (DSP) Technology
Available in Anodized Black or Green
Commercial, Off-the-Shelf (COTS)
Made in North America & Berry Amendment Compliant
Padded Rear Headband
RE102 & RS103 in accordance with MIL-STD-461E
Waterproof Business Card Sized Instruction Booklet
US Patent #12839417
Since hearing protection is not always required, the 62000 can be field converted to a non-hearing protection radio communication headset which allows the ears to be naturally open. This is achieved by removing the hearing protection earplugs and affixing the open ear inserts and putting the 62000 into mode 2 which allows radio receive to be heard as well as environmental/ambient noise to be heard naturally. The 62000 is then easily converted back to a hearing protection headset with talk-through by affixing the 32db-39db NRS earplugs.

The 62000 has four (4) talk-through microphones, two (2) on each side of the head. This allows for true 360° situational awareness. More importantly a four (4) mic system coupled with Threat4’s specialized algorithms, developed by audiologists over a two (2) year in field testing period, provides a quantum leap in the ability to discern where a sound comes from (Sound Localization). The 62000 sound localization and situational awareness system provides a near-human ear hearing experience.
The 62000 active listening system, which is completely independent of the radio
system, provides the following:
  1. No vibration noise in radio transmit (TX). Most in-ear headsets have the mics
    inside the ear close to the inner-ear fatty tissue. These tissues transmit human voice
    well, however the bi-product is that they also transmit body vibration noise caused by
    things like running, tracked vehicles and rotary vehicles. The result is that typical in-ear
    mic headsets’ radio transmissions are often noise-ridden and incomprehensible
    when the body is exposed to vibrations.
  2. No mic proximity noise in radio transmit (TX). Since typical in-ear headsets have
    the mics located in the ear, other users voices that are in close proximity to the
    wearers ears, in a breaching formation for example, can transmit unwillingly over
    these mics in radio transmit (TX) causing unintended audio to transmit.
  3. No loss of situational awareness. Most other in-ear headsets will, when the PTT
    is activated, shut off one of the ear’s active listening mics so that it can pick up the
    users voice for radio transmit (TX). This effectively makes you deaf in one ear during
    radio transmit (TX).
  4. No radio transmit (TX) failure. In Dynamic boom setups, radio transmit (TX) will
    always work even if a loss of power or catastrophic headset failure occurs. You will
    not lose your ability to communicate so long as the radio works.
  5. No audio compression. Since most in-ear mic headsets have the radio transmit
    (TX) mics in the ear and far from the mouth, they typically use audio compression to
    make sure the mics can pick up the user’s voice. This is an audio treatment that
    attempts to shrink (compress) the difference between volumes of sounds. What
    happens in practice is that if you are talking with someone face to face and a truck
    passes by, both the voice and the truck will come through to you at the same level,
    making communication very difficult. Since Threat4 only uses the four (4) active
    listening mics for ambient noise and a boom mic (close to the lips) for radio transmit
    (TX) the 62000 can treat audio as human ears do, and instead of compression,
    making noises sound like the unprotected ear hears them.
  6. No whisper mode. Since in-ear headsets have the mics far from the mouth they
    are susceptible to transmitting unwanted background noise, so they have to lower
    sensitivity of the mics and/or filter the noise. This means that when you are
    whispering, these systems in normal mode can not hear your voice, so typical in-ear
    headsets add a whisper mode. Obviously in this mode background noises, if they
    occur, are ultra loud. By using a boom mic for radio transmit (TX), the 62000 does
    not need a whisper mode.
Threat4’ 62000 uses a noise canceling boom microphone, available in either Dynamic or Electret format. When worn close to the lips the boom microphone will cancel background noises on transmit and will pick up whispers without the need for a “whisper mode” typically found in other in-ear solutions. Boom microphones afford the clearest communications in all environments, and in military Dynamic mic
applications, radio transmit will always work even if the headset electronics fail or lose power. The boom mic also has a gas mask option and a field replaceable option.
To allow out-of-box use, Threat4 has three (3) factory programmed modes and bionic hearing.
Mode 1 Human hearing naturally restored with the ability to increase bionic hearing in increments 0dB, +2dB, +6dB, +9dB and +12dB. Designed to work as unprotected ears do and sound natural, with noises that are close sounding close and noises that are far sounding further. Typical in-ear systems make all the noises virtually the same volume. This is called audio compression, where typical in-ear headsets attempt to lessen the decibel difference between loud and quiet noises, effectively making all the noises you hear sound the same. This makes face to face interactions difficult when there is background noise – similar to speaking to someone who is on a cellular phone in a loud environment.
Mode 2 Situational awareness muted, effectively providing radio and passive earplugs only. Designed for environments that radio and hearing protection is required but face to face interaction is not, such as HALO/HAHO jumps or rotary vehicle deployment.
Mode 3 Adaptive Noise Reduction with the ability to increase bionic hearing in increments 0dB, +2dB, +6dB, +9dB and +12dB. This mode removes up to -12dB of constant background noise across the entire spectrum. Unlike typical ANR which only works between 20Hz and 500 Hz, Adaptive Noise Reduction works between 20- 16,000Hz while maintaining the ability to hear human voices. Designed for use in loud environments where face to face interaction is required such as in Armor Personnel Carriers (APC)or engine rooms.
These modes can be factory altered with in-house engineer on the fly and other modes are available, up to 4 modes allowed in total.

Check out some videos below.

Peltor Muffs vs Threat4 62000 headset - Hearing Protection & Intelligibility Testimonial (SWAT)
Atlantic Signal / Eagle Headsets (MH180, MH3...) vs Threat4's 62000 Headset
Lab testing in the field -- Threat4 calibrates the 62000 headset for 185+dB distraction devices

Clear Ear Buds (Pack of 25) Hearing Protection Earplugs for Use with Surveillance Kit Acoustic Tubes Custom earmolds
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Threat 4 P2000 September 6, 2013
Reviewer: Thomas from Riviera Beach, FL United States  
Our team has recently had the opportunity to test and evaluate the Threat 4 unit and units by several other known manufactures of headsets that offer communication capabilities with hearing protection.  I can say that hands down, none of the other units come close to this 1 in comfort.  Several times I almost forgot that I was wearing it.  When worn with a helmet, the differences are even more obvious.  No pressure on the ears.  No headaches from wearing it for long periods of time...No comparison.  Sound quality and ease of use was remarkable.  Our order has been placed.

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