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  Two-wire Surveillance Kit - Heavy Duty Professional Grade with Premium KnowlesTM Acoustical Components & Kevlar Reinforced Cabling

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Our Price: $80.00

Product Code: 15000_SERIES

Add Hirose Quick Disconnect (QD)

Disconnect (QD) Between Kit & Radio:
[Add $40.00]
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What radio to connect 2-wire to?*:
4-pole NATO (Nexus TP120)
E.F. Johnson Series 5100/5700 Series,511X,512X,518X [Add $14.30]
EADS Tetrapol MC9620 [Add $14.30]
EADS THR9 [Add $14.30]
Entel HX Series HX402/403/405, 412/413/415, 422/423/425, 482/483/485 [Add $14.30]
Harris M/A Com Series Jaguar 700P, P5100, P5130 [Add $14.30]
Harris M/A Com Series P5400, P5300 [Add $14.30]
Harris M/A Com Series Prism/LPE200 [Add $14.30]
Harris PRC-152, PRC-117 Series [Add $120.00]
Harris Unity XG-100 Series [Add $14.30]
Hirose 12-pin (call for wiring configurations) [Add $14.30]
Hirose 6-pin (call for wiring configurations) [Add $14.30]
HYT Series HYT2100, TC500, TC600, TC1600, TC2100, TC446, TC518, TC700, TC610, TC620
HYT Series TC380M/370M, TC780M, TC-780, TC610P
HYT Series TC700, TC610, TC620
HYT TC300 (Mini USB) [Add $14.30]
Icom Series F30GT, F40GT, F50, F51, F60, F61, F30GS, F40GS, F41G, F31G, M88, M87,F70, F80, F3061 [Add $14.30]
Icom Series IC-F3,IC-F3S,IC-F4,IC-F4S,IC-F10,IC-F20, IC-H2IC-H6,IC-J12, IC-M5, IC-U12,IC-U16
Icom Series IC-F3G, IC-F3GS, IC-G3GT, IC-F4G, IC-F4GS, IC-F11S, IC-F21, IC-F21S, IC-F31, IC-A24
Kenwood Series TK-208,220,240,240D,248,250,260,260G, 270, TK-2100(Pro Talk),2102(Pro Power),2130
Kenwood Series TK-280,TK-290,TK-380,TK-385,TK-390,TK-480, TK-481,TK-2041,TK-2140,TK-3140,TK-3148 [Add $14.30]
Kirisun Series PT7200, TC3000
Maxon Series SL100, SP200,SP200K,SP210 Legacy Series:PL1145,LP2245,PL2215P,PL2245P PL2415,PL2445
Maxon Series SL25,LS55,SP100,SP120,SP130,SP140
Midland Series LXT210 , LXT216 , LXT303 , LXT305, LXT310, LXT350,LXT410, LXT420, LXT435, G225, G227
Motorola MOTOTRBO Series APX7000, XPR6300/6500/6350/6550, DP3400, DP3600, DP3401, DP3601, MTP850S [Add $14.30]
Motorola MTH500, MTH650, MTH800, MTP850 [Add $14.30]
Motorola MTH650, MTH800, MTH850 [Add $14.30]
Motorola MTP850 [Add $14.30]
Motorola Series EX500,EX600,GL2000, GP328plus,GP338plus, PTX760plus, GP344, GP388, PRO5150Elite [Add $14.30]
Motorola Series GP68, GP88, GP300, GP308, GP350, CP88, CP125, CP150, CP200 [Add $14.30]
Motorola Series HT750, HT1250, HT1250LS, HT1550, HT1550XLS [Add $14.30]
Motorola Series MTX850, MTX850LS, MTX950,MTX960, MTX8250, PRO5150,PRO5350,PRO5450,PRO5550, PRO5750 [Add $14.30]
Motorola Series SP10, SP21, XTN446, XTN500, XTN600, DTR500, DTR550, DTR650, DTR2350, DTR2450
Motorola Series XTS2500, XTS3000, XTS3500, XTS5000/5100/7700 GP900,GP9000,HT1000,JT1000 [Add $14.30]
Motorola Visar Series (3.5mm threaded)
NOKIA THR880i [Add $14.30]
Relm Series RPU416,RPV516,RPU499,RPV599X
Relm Series RPV3000,3600/RPU3000, 3600
Rexon Series RL328, RL328CQ
Sepura Series (Bottom Connector) SRP2000, SRP3000, SRH3500, SRH3800 [Add $14.30]
Sepura Series (single pin 2.5mm stereo) SRP2000, SRP3000, SRH3500, SRH3800
Sepura Series STP8000
Simoco SRP Series
Tait ORCA Series
Tait TP8110, TP8115, TP8120, TP8135 TP8140 TP7110 [Add $24.30]
Thales PRC-148, PRC-154 (Rifleman), JEM [Add $120.00]
Vertex Series VX-200, VX-500, VX-510, VX-520UD
Vertex/Yaesu Series VX-10, VX-110, VX-160, VX-180, VX-210, VX-420, VX-150, VX-2R, VX-5R, FT-50, FT60
Vertex/Yaesu Series VX-160, VX-180, VX-210, VX-210A, VX-410, VX-420, VX-146, VX-350, VX-351PMR
Vertex/Yaesu Series VX-600,VX-800,VX-900
Vertex/Yaesu Series VX-7R, VX-6R
Vertex/Yaesu Series VX-820, VX-821,VX-824,VX-829,VX-920, VX-921, VX-924, VX-929
Vertex/Yaesu VX530, VX537 Series, (K186)
XLR 5-pin [Add $14.30]
Custom Connector - Price TBD - Call for Request


Attention Resellers & Power Users

Available as your own brand. We will silk screen your company name on the product. Minimum quantities apply and may be subject to setup fees.

Customizable. We have numerous configurations available, from cables length, PTT styles, speaker styles and many more options. Config your own kit or come up with a new kit altogether.
The preferred surveillance kit of the United States Marshals Service, United States Secret Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Comes with quick disconnect clear medical grade acoustic tube for easy replacement and ease of hygenically sharing between multiple users (each user gets their own tube).
Comes with a speaker audio electronic limiter (90dB in-ear max volume) conforming with the Hearing Conservation Requirements required for all private, public and government employees as mandated by the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) and the Army Hearing Program.

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Units 1-25 26-50 51-250
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Threat4 Surveillance Kits




Internal Reinforcing



270ohms +- 30% @ 1kHz

Frequency range


Maximum Audio Output

90 dBSPL




-45 dB +- 3dB


300 Hz to 3000Hz

Standard operating voltage

500uA @ 5VDC

Axial cable pull at transducer


Axial cable pull at mic/PTT


Axial cable pull at UDC


Operating temp

-30 to +75 Celsius

Storage temp

-40 to +85 Celsius

Converts Surveillance Kits w/ Quick Disconnect Acoustic Tube (2 conical pins at transducer/speaker) to accept 3.5mm “iPod” style earphones Hearing Protection Earplugs for Use with Surveillance Kit Acoustic Tubes Custom earmolds Clear QD Acoustic Tube & Clear Ear bud - Pack of 5
Our Price: $36.00
Our Price: $3.75
Our Price: $149.00
Our Price: $23.00

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